Cloutea is the world’s first robotic franchise

Step into the future of beverage service with Cloutea, the world's first boba store powered by ADAM, our AI-driven humanoid robot barista. Immerse your customers in an unforgettable blend of flavor and technology, and set your business apart in the ever-evolving world of hospitality.

Cloutea has an edge on traditional businesses

In today's competitive landscape, staying ahead is crucial. Cloutea offers a partnership that not only redefines customer experiences but also drives business growth through innovation. Here's why savvy business owners choose Cloutea.

Innovative Image

Position your brand as a forward-thinking industry leader. Cloutea's pioneering AI technology demonstrates your commitment to cutting-edge solutions, capturing the imagination of tech-savvy customers and enthusiasts alike.

Unique Customer Experience

ADAM, our robotic barista, serves more than boba – he serves memorable experiences. Elevate your customer interactions, keeping them engaged and excited, leading to increased brand loyalty and expansion into a broader market.

Efficiency and Speed

Our robots ensure quick, efficient service that not only reduces wait times but also increases table turnover, boosting your overall revenue. Serve more customers with the precision and speed that only Cloutea can deliver.

Consistency and Quality

Experience unparalleled consistency and quality with Cloutea. Our robots ensure every specialty beverage is prepared to perfection, meeting the highest standards of taste and presentation, time after time.

Attract the next generation of customers

Co-branding with Cloutea showcases your business as tech-savvy and forward-thinking. Attract a younger, tech-oriented customer base that craves innovative experiences and embraces the future of hospitality.

deliver them a completley new experience

When robots combine with delicious boba, people tend to freak out. Cloutea delivers a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression and keeps them coming back.

Watch them generate more business for you

Customers just can't help whipping their phones out to record ADAM making their drink. This natural wave of user-generated content helps to spread the word about Cloutea on social media and encourage other boba lovers to stop in.

Interested in learning more?

Click the button below to speak with one of our business development representatives about how you can collaborate with Cloutea.

Customer testimonials

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Awesome tea and a robot made it. Enjoined the experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for a drink in the hot Las Vegas sun

Bill D.

Nice place and the robot was fun. got the Taro Swirl which was pretty tasty. Will be coming back with my nephews:)

Andrew B.

THE coolest boba place I’ve ever been. The robot’s service is generally quick, and the boba was delicious. And the robot does a cute little dance when not working! 100% will recommend Cloutea.


A cute fascinating spot! Watching make drinks was mind blowing! Amber was also very helpful and awesome! :)

Kenny N.

Service was amazing. Had Avi, Jake and Paola take good care of our orders while a robot bobarista took care of the drinks. Good vibe and cozy environment right inside the Caesars shops. Would come back again!

Jerick V.

Adam is so cute! Jake amber jacob carla and avidan are the best :) The mango infused jasmine tea with mango jelly was delicious! Customer service and vibes on point Will be definitely be back

Vanessa C.

I'm a sucker for these futuristic types of things. I got the classic boba was milk tea with tasty brown sugar. Just when I thought the robot making boba was cool, the employee there made the robot dance for us which was amusing.

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Very cool experience and yummy too! Definitely something to check out. ADAM is awesome!

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I loved this place! It was so cute on the inside!! So much fun how a robot makes your drink. Honestly even though a robot made the drinks it was soooo delicious    I recommend the classic boba!

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calm and cozy environment, sells great tasting tea with a variety of toppings. also seeing a robot make my drink provided a unique experience. avi jake and paula were very friendly and gave great recommendations on combos.

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why our menu works

ADAM is just half of the reason why customers love Cloutea. We pride ourselves on having a high rate of return customer because we offer a trendy, delicious offering that customers can easily integrate as a part of their everyday lives.

Trendy boba drinks

In 2022 alone, the Bubble tea market brought in over two billion USD worth of profit and is expected to steadily increase in sales in the next five years.

delicious toppings

Cloutea offers delicious toppings that are rotated frequently. We keep a core offering of fan-favorite toppings and add adventurous toppings often!

customizable options

Our menu offers signature drinks for new boba customers and build your own options for boba veterans.

unique Cost advantage

With ADAM, Cloutea businesses can significantly lower their operating costs by saving on labor.

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